Through our local, yet internationally exposed experts, we provide relevant, specialised and extensive analysis and solutions to best suit your developmental needs.

Our experts have worked through the ranks, developed and implemented solutions successfully. They understand the wider context including the economic, legislative, political, technological, environmental and societal drivers and implications. They have managed organisations. They know best practices and understand what it takes to lead people. They have turned organisations around and created systematic lasting impacts.

Our areas of expertise span across various sectors, encompassing the private, non-governmental, and governmental domains. This breadth of knowledge allows us to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.


  • Economic analysis and insights
  • Financial adivosry
  • Investment advisory
  • Budgeting
  • Organisational restructuring 
  • Bylaws
  • Policies, processes and procedures
  • Strategy and operational plans
  • Business processes reengineering
  • Change management
  • Organisational culture strengthening
  • Project management
  • Design and development of services and products
  • Governance
  • Board advisory
  • Strategic management support
  • Performance management system and KPIs development
  • Digital transformation advisory
  • Training and development advisory
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Human capital development
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Purchase and procurement
  • Feasibility and impact studies
  • Research (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Total Quality Management and Business Continuity